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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is 60 FPS on PS4 but 30 on Xbox One

It's out this week.

Just in case you own both platforms (are you mad?) and are wondering which one to buy it on: Chivalry Medieval Warfare runs at 60 frames-per-second on PlayStation 4 but only 30 frames-per-second on Xbox One. Developer Torn Banner confirmed the frame-rates to me on Twitter, following an interview with WCCF Tech from last week.

The first-person medieval multiplayer mash-up launches this week on PS4 and Xbox One. It's got an all new Horde mode where you fight off skeletons and other monsters presumably alongside your friends, and in multiplayer fights there's space for 24 people.

It's out on PS4 in the US today and in Europe tomorrow, and the Xbox One version should arrive around midnight tonight Eastern Time, Torn Banner said. It'll cost $19.99/€19.99, and it's being published by Activision.

On PC the game has been out since 2012, and is currently a massive 80 per cent off on Steam priced £3.79. It's been available on PS3 and 360 for nearly a year. Looks a wee bit dated in the launch video below, but, heck, perhaps you'll laugh your head off playing it.

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