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Chime Super Deluxe dated for PSN

Final tracklist confirmed for rhythm puzzler.

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Rhythm action puzzler Chime Super Deluxe hits PlayStation Network on 30th March, Sony has confirmed.

Not familiar with the game? It's essentially a souped-up take on developer Zoe Mode's Chime which hit PC and Xbox Live Arcade early last year to measured acclaim.

The basic idea is to slide blocks around a grid to create 'quads'. Each quad then generates musical notes and phrases, filling out a song in the background as you progress. The trailer below should tell you more.

The PlayStation Blog also revealed the last few tunes to be added to the game's tracklist, which now looks like this:

  • "Play With You" – Sabrepulse
  • "Tender Hooks " – Plaid
  • "The Looping Song" – Shlomo
  • "Ooh Yeah" - Moby
  • "Spilled Cranberries" - Markus Schulz
  • "Brazil" - Philip Glass
  • "For Silence" - Paul Hartnoll (Orbital)
  • "Disco Ghosts" - Fred Deakin (Lemon Jelly)
  • "Machine Dream" - Nathan McCree
  • "Sympathy" - Joe Hogan

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