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Chime Super Deluxe coming to PSN

XBLA/PC rhythm puzzler upgraded.

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Chime Super Deluxe, an updated take on PC and Xbox Live Arcade rhythm puzzler Chime, is heading to PlayStation Network later this year, developer Zoë Mode has confirmed.

It's essentially a block-sliding puzzle game that asks you to fill in sections of a grid to create 'quads', Each quad generates musical notes and phrases, so as you progress through a stage a song builds in the background.

Speaking to the PlayStation Blog, producer Brynley Gibson explained, "players create a unique remix of the music every time they play. Its a very simple game mechanic idea but one that provides captivating and mesmerising gameplay that will feed your aural senses like nothing else before."

There are two multiplayer modes included and the game ships with 10 tracks, five of which have been revealed:

  • Ooh Yeah" Moby
  • "Spilled Cranberries" Markus Schulz
  • "Brazil" Philip Glass
  • "For Silence" Paul Hartnoll (Orbital)
  • "Disco Ghosts" Fred Deakin (Lemon Jelly)

As far as a release date goes, all we've got so far is Spring 2011.

Chime originally landed on Xbox Live Arcade and PC in February last year. Eurogamer's Christian Donlan awarded it 7/10, insisting "Zoë Mode's game shows what can happen when you give up destruction in favour of creation, and exchange tension for a kind of dreamy calm."

It was initially released on a charitable basis by non-profit publisher OneBigGame, with proceeds going to Save the Children and the Starlight Children's Foundation. However, it's not yet clear whether that will be the case for the PlayStation 3 release too.

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