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Cartoonishly gory free-to-play shooter Loadout is PS4-bound

As a console exclusive.

Edge of Reality's goofy, gory free-to-play shooter Loadout launched on PC earlier this year to an audience of 3 million players, and now it's coming to PS4 as a console exclusive.

The competitive shooter tasks players with jerry-rigging together ridonkulous weapons comprised of hundreds of components. Examples include a "giant death beam", "bouncy Tesla balls", and "laser-guided cluster-bomb rockets."

The developer promises to be very particular about this port and Edge of Reality's creative director Mark Nau noted on the PlayStation Blog that the studio is "adjusting all the scopes and balancing the barrels so your weapons of choice feel right at home on DualShock 4."

Get a load of Loadout's cartoon carnage in its PS4 announcement trailer below.

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