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Capcom sends fighting game community into overdrive with whopping $1m first prize Street Fighter 6 tournament

Great balls of fire.

Street Fighter 6 Capcom Pro Tour
Image credit: Capcom

Capcom has announced a $1m first prize for an upcoming Street Fighter 6 tournament.

The impressive cash win is part of a $2m prize pool for the next Capcom Pro Tour. It's the biggest prize pool the series has ever seen, and probably the biggest single cash prize in fighting game history.

To put this into context, the prize pool for the 2022 Pro Tour and its final tournament, Capcom Cup 9, was just $300,000. Clearly, Capcom is throwing its weight behind Street Fighter 6, which doesn't come out until 2nd June.

Cover image for YouTube videoStreet Fighter 6 Developer Match - Blanka vs. JP
Here's a Street Fighter 6 developer match showing off Blanka and JP.

The next Capcom Pro Tour kicks off at some point this summer, no doubt soon after Street Fighter 6 comes out. Fans expect its final tournament, where that coveted first prize will be handed out, to take place at some point in February next year.

As you'd expect, the prize pool has set the cat among the pigeons within the fighting game community, which has reacted with a degree of disbelief at the money on offer.

Capcom is also confident in Street Fighter 6's netcode - it's confirmed the next season of the Pro Tour features both offline and online premier events. This should help expand the participation list considerably - assuming online play holds up.