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Resident Evil 6 video is a fake

Reporters were misled.

Update: The Resident Evil 6 video was not at Capcom's Theatre Show as Kotaku had heard it would be. Eurogamer was there and can confirm this.

IGN writer Rich George heard from multiple contacts at Capcom that the Resident Evil 6 video was a fake.

Original story: Capcom Japan has said a Resident Evil 6 video, filmed off-screen behind closed doors during the Tokyo Games Show, is real.

At just under a minute long, the video offers few clues to the story of Resident Evil 6. No release date or platforms are mentioned.

Capcom Japan staff confirmed the video as legitimate to Kotaku.

US Capcom representatives, on the other hand, stuck to a "no comment on rumours or speculation" response.

"The world has seen all kinds of horror... Bio-organic weapons have taken over," the video tells us, as Earth is seen on-screen. "And one place has the key to stop it all..."

A split-second flash of a futuristic-looking facility follows, as do the numbers "48.415802 -89.2673".

The game's logo is then shown against a backdrop of falling ash.

As co-ordinates, the numbers point to a remote part of Canada.

A move to a post-apocalyptic world where bio-weapons have taken over would be a notable change for the horror series.

Capcom previously stated Resident Evil 6 would be "totally different".

Capcom outs Resident Evil 6.