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Capcom quietly adds Denuvo to Street Fighter 6 days before release

Players voice concerns over performance.

Street Fighter 6 on PC will include the controversial Denuvo DRM software.

The game's Steam page was quietly updated on 30th May, three days ahead of the game's release tomorrow, with mention of Denuvo Anti-Tamper. The change can be seen listed on SteamDB.

Denuvo's software is known for its tendency to affect performance of games on PC. One of the most recent cases of this was Resident Evil Village, also developed by Capcom. Denuvo was finally patched out of Village in April this year.

Street Fighter 6 launch trailer.Watch on YouTube

While some players aren't worried by the presence of Denuvo Anti-Tamper, citing its counterpart Anti-Cheat software as cause for concern, others believe performance will be affected by the game.

In his Street Fighter 6 review, Wes gave the game four stars out of five, calling it "as good a Street Fighter game as I could hope for".

Digital Foundry will be taking a look at the game on console. Unfortunately, PC players will have to wait until tomorrow to find out if Denuvo has any effect on the game.

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