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Capcom details Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Vita touch controls

Input command list revealed.

Capcom has revealed how Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on Vita works.

Andriasang reports you're able to control the game using the Vita's rear Touch Panel, and provides a command input list, reproduced below.

  • Move forward/backward by dragging forward/backward.
  • Dash forward/backward by flicking forward/backward.
  • Duck by dragging down.
  • Jump by flicking up.
  • Change characters by tapping and holding the icon of the new character.
  • Call on assist character by tapping the icon of the assist character.
  • Attack by tapping anywhere but the icons.
  • Execute your Hyper Combo by tapping the Hyper Combo Gauge.

UMVC3 was announced as a Vita launch title at the Tokyo Game Show. It includes the same content as the PlayStation 3 version, such as online play and 60fps gameplay.

You can use the Vita Near function to exchange a Vita original gold herald colour with other players. Wi-fi is used to watch and play online matches.