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Capcom bringing golf to Wii

Loves it, apparently.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Capcom has decided to step up to the tee with its very own golf game for Wii.

It's called on the help of Mario Power Tennis and Hot Shots Golf developer Camelot to do the honours, and aims to bring about the most realistic simulation on the console to date.

Top of We Love Golf's bragging rights is a promise that swinging the plastic controller will feel like doing the same thing with a metal club in real life, taking into account things like wind, physics, squirrels, and flying animals like birds.

There will also be a strong cast of characters with their own look and styles, who you'll be able to differentiate even further by dressing them up in all sorts silly golfing clobber.

And when you eventually do get bored of taking the computer on in tournaments or practising your drives, then you can phone up four strangers and invite them over for a bit of take-it-in-turns golf.

Camelot has a history of entertaining games, and on paper this should tick all the right boxes. We'll let you know a bit more when we do.

We Love Golf! is due out in the US next year. Plans for Europe are still undecided.

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