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Capcom announces Resident Evil 4 remake last-gen version for PS4, but not Xbox One

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Capcom has announced a last-gen PlayStation 4 version of its upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake - but will still skip the Xbox One.

The long-rumoured Resi 4 remake was finally unveiled back in June, and was initially announced for just PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Today, during a Tokyo Games Show livestream, Capcom said it had been working on securing a last-gen version of the game as well - and it had done so, but only for PS4.

Resident Evil 4 remake gameplay from the Capcom Showcase 2022.Watch on YouTube

No comment was made on why it had only selected the PS4, though Sony's previous console does enjoy a sizable install base in the company's home of Japan - unlike the Xbox One.

The new Resident Evil 4 will remake the original GameCube classic from the ground up, and reimagine the experience for a fresh audience. Can the original possibly be improved? We're set to find out when it launches on 24th March 2023.