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Capcom acknowledges HD Remix bugs

Offers solution for beta testers.

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Capcom has identified three key bugs in the beta version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and offered a workaround for people experiencing them.

Following the release of a patch last week, some HD Remix players have had to put up with background "jitter", and throw and fireball animations lagging behind their execution.

However, wrote Capcom in a blog post this week, this is all down to "smoothing" and the company has already figured out ways to fix it. "The character frames are actually playing much better than before, but the background jittering is making is seem like there is lag when there isn't," the Capcom-Unity post explained.

Fortunately there's a way to sort it out right now for those of you playing along. "To turn off smoothing, just hold LT, RT, RB, and LB. While holding them, press start and you should hear a tone indicating it has turned off." So do that.

"There are still other netcode improvements that have been implemented that should improve the gameplay, but for some, it seems the smoothing is making the game feel laggy when it isn't," the blog observed.

So it's not a perfect answer, but it's yet another piece in the feedback puzzle that Capcom's solving ahead of HD Remix's release for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network later this year, which should be pretty flawless if all this good work is anything to go by.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is a sexified 1080p rebuild of Capcom's classic 16-bit 2D beat-'em-up, and the beta test is an Xbox Live promotion designed to iron out all the online-multiplayer kinks before release. To get involved, you have to buy Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 on Xbox Live Arcade, which opens the door to the HD Remix download.

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