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Can you come up with a Sea of Thieves Achievement?

I'd keel for one.

Rare wants to know - and I do too, because I'm struggling - if you can come up with an Achievement for Sea of Thieves. That's name, description and all.

If you can, and Rare picks it, and the community votes yours the best, your Achievement will make it into the game. You'll get prizes sent your way - some signed artwork and a "swag bag", according to the terms and conditions - contents not disclosed.

So, what have you got? Achievement names can be no longer than 44 characters, and Achievement descriptions no longer than 100 characters. You can even pick a suggested image for the achievement if you like.

Here's a few I made earlier:

  • Mizzen Me? Log back in after a prolonged absence
  • Kraken Shot! Kill two enemies with one shot
  • Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away - Escape from combat, Enya quite happy about it, too
  • Rumdiddlyumptious - Get drunk too many times to remember
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The competition runs alongside the Sea of Thieves closed beta, which began noon today and runs until 8am Monday, 29th January.

Sea of Thieves is due out in full on 20th March, on PC and Xbox One.