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Cammy included in Street Fighter IV

Won public vote, apparently. Go girl.

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Capcom plans to include Cammy in the Street Fighter IV console versions in response to a public vote.

"As you know, we allowed people to vote on which character they most wanted to see in the console version, and Cammy won, so she's definitely in the game," SF IV producer Yoshinori Ono told 1UP.

"We have a rough version of her already up and running. Akuma came in second or third, and we've already included him in the arcade game," he added.

Street Fighter IV is out now in Japanese arcades, and seems to have won a good few people over, but PS3 and 360 versions are still in development and expected next year.

We flew over to Las Vegas recently to check on the game's progress at Capcom's annual press day, and spoke to Ono about the console versions, boss character Seth and other aspects of the game. Brush past the blue words for more on the game, and look out for more from Ono when we write up our GC interview.

We would also like to take this opportunity to scold Capcom for doing what people shouting on the internet said. That way lies madness, Capcom.

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