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Cage has written his next game already

"Very different, very surprising."

Heavy Rain's writer-director David Cage has said he's already written the plot for his next game, and it's going to be "very different" from the dark thriller.

Speaking on GameTrailers TV (via VG247), Cage said: "I have written the next game, so I have a very clear idea... It's not fully written, it still in the synopsis stage, but I have a very clear idea for where I want to go next.

"I don't want just to make some kind of sequel or whatever, I really want to continue to explore and discover new things and experiment, this is what I'm really excited about. It's going to be very different, and I think it's going to be very surprising."

When we interviewed Cage just before Heavy Rain's release, he told us he wouldn't be making any more serial-killer thrillers, and hinted at the possibility of using the game's interactive drama format to tell a romantic comedy, or a tragedy from Shakespeare. He also expressed interest in the possibilities of motion control and multiplayer.

But how long will we be waiting for this next game? As long as Heavy Rain, which was first teased in 2006?

"Yeah, maybe less than you think," said Cage.