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Burnout, Piyotama on PSN

This week's Store updates.

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The Burnout Paradise demo and quirky downloadable puzzle game Piyotama are the highlights on the PlayStation 3 Store in Europe this week, while a WipEout Pulse demo is basically it for users of the PSP Store for PC.

The Burnout Paradise demo is on the PAL and US stores and weighs in at around 764MB, allowing you to explore a few sections of the free-roaming Paradise City setting and try out new gameplay features.

Piyotama is a left-field puzzle game that involves organising eggs into rows by shaking the Sixaxis or sliding them left and right off the edges of the play area. It's quite compulsive and plays very well, as we noted in our US import review, although it struggles to hold interest long-term due to a lack of urgency.

Also on the PS3 Store are a handful of demos and add-ons, including a free Folklore mission, a demo for NBA 2K8 and High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition. The US Store, meanwhile, is detailed on the Sony US blog, and don't forget - those of you with Japanese credit cards - that none other than Gran Turismo 5 Prologue was released in Japan yesterday. We'll be bringing you our thoughts on that soon, obviously!

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