Burnout, Piyotama on PSN

This week's Store updates.

The Burnout Paradise demo and quirky downloadable puzzle game Piyotama are the highlights on the PlayStation 3 Store in Europe this week, while a WipEout Pulse demo is basically it for users of the PSP Store for PC.

Nov/Dec PS3 Store highlights

Games, glorious games*.

Following the arrival of a bunch of new stuff on PlayStation Network, Sony has announced plenty more is set to follow before the end of the year.



Much l'oeuf.

When John Walker said Slitherlink was completely brilliant, he identified one of its advantages over Sudoku as the ability to complete complex puzzles without having to juggle all sorts of values and variables in your head. But that's not to say the opposite can't be rewarding, as Piyotama - a cute little puzzle game released on the US PlayStation Store at the start of August - happily proves.

Superficially similar to the average falling-blocks puzzler, the object is to line up four balls (eggs, if you want to be pedantic about it) horizontally or diagonally. This initiates a combo period, during which you can line more up (including those involved in the initiating line, if you like) to multiply your points income when the combo period ends and the balls crack and disappear.

However, you line them up not by rotation or substitution, but by sliding one row at a time horizontally so that three of the balls protrude over the left or right edge of the play area. You are then able to reorder these three balls and reinsert them, either on the same row or, if you press up or down, on one of the higher or lower ones. Sounds complex, but if you glance at the screenshots you should be able to grasp what we mean.

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Piyotama hits US PS Store

Egg-hatching drop puzzler.

Sony has released JapanStudio's Piyotama puzzle game onto the PlayStation Store in the US, which means you can get it too if you've got the ability to pay for things in Monopoly money.