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Burnout Paradise dated in US

PS3/360 demo in December.

Burnout Paradise will be released in the US on 22nd January for PS3 and Xbox 360.

What's more, a demo version is being lined up for release on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace in December.

"The Burnout series has always been about reinvention. Burnout Paradise does exactly that," reckons Alex Ward, creative director at Criterion.

"This is the definitive Burnout experience because Paradise removes all restrictions, breaks all the rules and puts the control in your hands," he added.

He's not joking either - Paradise dispenses with the level-based progression of past Burnouts in favour of a free-roaming city where you pick up races and Crash tasks, among others, a lot more dynamically.

"We're taking risks with Paradise but we believe that every iteration of Burnout stands on its own and we feel Paradise is the best Burnout yet," Ward concluded.

Sadly we don't know exactly when it will be released in Europe yet (EA still lists it as "winter", and hasn't responded to our requests for clarification), but hopefully it will be at around the same time.

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