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Burnout Legendary Cars on Thursday

Just over six quid for the lot.

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Criterion has said it will release the Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars pack, inspired by vehicular idols of the silver screen, on Thursday 19th February.

According to the firm's Twitter page, it will be on console only for now. Producer Matt Webster added: "PC players will need to be a little more patient. We'll announce the release data for PC Legendary Cars in the near future."

Pricing details have since been posted on the Criterion Games Network. We haven't got Burnout in the office today, so can't verify, but numerous forum posts state that the whole pack is going for GBP 6.29 / EUR 7.99.

And the cars are also on sale individually. The Back to the Future-inspired Jansen 88 Special costs GBP 3.19 / EUR 3.99, while the Carson Manhattan Spirit, GT Nighthawk and Cavalry Bootlegger will be GBP 1.59 / EUR 1.99 each.

Those appear to be the PS3 prices. We're also told to expect four more unlockable bronze Trophies on the PS3, one for each car. To avoid spoilers, details can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the bronzes on the Burnout Paradise page. There's no word yet on equivalent Achievements for Xbox 360

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