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Bungie unveils Destiny's Shrike vehicle

Looks a lot like Star Wars' speeder bike.

What's the last thing to go through an Imperial scout trooper's head when he hits a tree? His afterburner.

Bungie has unveiled the Shrike, one of the vehicles players can ride in upcoming first-person shooter Destiny.

In a post on, the developer described the Shrike as "sleek, nimble and fast". It looks a lot like Star Wars' speeder bike to us.

"The ability to summon a vehicle on demand turns you and your friends into a futuristic biker gang," said artist Tom Doyle. "Getting from point A to point B should be fun... not a menu option."

The Shrike, which you can upgrade over time, comes in three paint schemes that correspond to your character class. The classes in the game are Hunter, Titan and Warlock.

Destiny includes a number of vehicles Bungie is yet to reveal. A beta is planned for the summer before the game launches in September.

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