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Bungie trademarks reveal new game?

Osiris? Monarchy? Seraphs? Dead Orbit?

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Which of these trademarked and domain-registered titles will Bungie use to name its next and still mysterious new project?

Will it be Osiris, New Monarchy, Seven Seraphs or Dead Orbit?

Or none of the above?

Seraphs are top-tier angels, according to The Bible. And Bungie's got a penchant for religious themes, hence The Covenant alien collective, Prophets and so forth.

Osiris is the Egyptian lord of the dead - lore that science fiction Stargate successfully drew from to keep a long-running television series (not to mention the original films) alive.

New Monarchy and Dead Orbit are more self explanatory titles.

Bungie's new game will be published but not owned by Activision. We don't know yet what the game will be, other than that it will be produced for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. But a first-person science fiction shooter is what we expect.

Bungie's Halo: Reach was the studio's series farewell.

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