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Bungie: Reach leak won't spoil game

Creative director cites replay value.

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Bungie's Marcus Lehto has said that Halo: Reach will still be great fun for people despite the fact the game leaked earlier this week.

"It's unfortunate that that stuff gets out there, but even if they did see some of it, experiencing it first hand, playing the campaign all the way through is always tremendously satisfying," Lehto told G4.

"Even if you go back and play it again for a second or third time, there's always so much more that you experience that you didn't get on the first playthrough. It's always fun."

Earlier this week Reach, which isn't due out until 14th September, was leaked onto torrent sites and newsgroups.

Microsoft responded by saying that anyone playing "any unauthorised title" was likely to have their account and console banned from Xbox Live. "We have ways of knowing."

Check out our most recent Halo: Reach hands-on for a legitimate glimpse of the game, and look out for a review around the time of release.

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