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Bungie on Halo 3 co-op chatter

Online decision yet to be made.

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Bungie has responded to reports that it's uncertain about whether Halo 3 will have online co-operative elements by saying that a decision has yet to be made.

"Online co-op is a feature we're wrestling with somewhere," Frank O'Connor wrote in Bungie's latest weekly update. "As we approach the tail end of development, we will have a clearer picture of whether or not that online feature will be included. Assuming either way would be foolish at this time. We will say more when we feel it's prudent."

As to what's putting it into doubt, Bungie said that "the challenge of getting our complicated AI systems, huge game world, and gargantuan encounters neatly packaged and transferring across the Interwebz is a mythic undertaking".

Things Bungie is happy to talk about include the Covenant Energy Sword, the real-life Warthog built by WETA for the action short directed by Neill Blomkamp and shown at E3, and the dev's quest to locate "the world's biggest Halo fan". You can read all of that elsewhere in the update.

Or you could check out our Halo 3 gamepage for links to our E3 preview, the latest trailer and other goodies. It's out on 26th September, as if you didn't know.

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