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Bungie launches Destiny charity shirt for Nepal

All profits go to earthquake relief.

Destiny developer Bungie has launched a new T-shirt to raise money for disaster relief in Nepal.

Its design features each of Destiny's three player classes - hunter, warlock and titan - standing in solidarity next to a Nepalese flag.

The Himalayan mountains and Destiny's mysterious Traveller orb can be seen in the background.

All profits from the sale of the shirt go to help those affected by the region's devastating earthquake earlier this week.

Bungie's shirt ships in June and is available in a large range of men's, women's and youth sizes.

You also get an exclusive in-game shader and emblem.

But UK shipping isn't cheap - it costs around £30 to import the shirt, on top of the $24.99 (£15) asking price.

More than 1000 have already been snapped up so far.

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