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Bungie bans Destiny Trials of Osiris cheaters

Exploit allows opponents to be booted offline.

Destiny developer Bungie has blocked users that have been interrupting the connections of their opponents during multiplayer matches.

The troublesome tactic - which shall not be detailed here - was employed by cheaters this week while taking part in the new Trials of Osiris event.

Osiris attracts the best of Destiny's competitive players in three-on-three team matches. Lose three times and you are out. Win up to nine times and you gain richer and richer rewards.

Win nine times without a single loss and your flawless record is rewarded by a trip to the exclusive Mercury Lighthouse hub, which hosts a fat chest filled with some of the best rewards the game has to offer. It's also just a pretty location, too.

The tactic to boot an opponent offline was especially irritating during the Osiris event for teams just one win away from a flawless victory and their hard-won rewards.

Users reported the cheaters to Bungie via Reddit and the game's official forum. The worst offenders have now received bans.

"There were some among you who took nefarious action against your opponents," Bungie wrote in its weekly blog post. "Our intrepid team of investigators has diagnosed the most egregious cheaters among us. If you earned your victories by sinister means, you may very well have also earned a temporary (or permanent) time-out.

"Bungie is always watching. We enjoy a fair fight and we aim to protect the landscape of the game. Play nice!"

188,442 players were able to visit the Mercury lighthouse during the event - presumably including those who cheated their way there.

See a team of players get hit by the disconnect cheat below (warning: swearing ensues).

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