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Bungie admits Destiny Valentine's reward rate is too low

"A fix is in the works."

Four days after Destiny fans began grinding the game for a set of Valentine's week items, Bungie has admitted its reward rate is too low.

The ongoing Crimson Days event asks players to form and fight against teams of two. A pair of Valentine's-themed Ghost Shells can drop as a reward - although players have complained of playing 100s of matches without getting one.

Now, if you play just seven matches, Bungie will guaranteed you a Chocolate or Crimson Ghost shell at the maximum level of 320 Light. This will be awarded via the Postmaster within the next eight days.

The event's single quest already asks players to complete seven matches, so anyone who has finished that will be golden.

Players had resorted to suiciding in their droves to try and end matches as quick as possible (the event's reward algorithm gives out Ghost shells at the same low rate whether you win or lose).

"Feedback has been unmistakable: the drop rate has been pretty low," Bungie wrote in an update last Friday. "We agree.

"We took a look at the data, and the number of Ghosts awarded has not been what we expected. That's no way to tell you that we love you, so a fix is in the works."

For players who put hours into the event already, there's no returning the time already spent grinding for loot. But it is at least a reason to stop playing.