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Broken Sword - Parzival's Stone is a new entry in the classic point-and-click adventure series

Shadow of the Templars remaster coming too.

A Broken Sword - Parzival's Stone screenshot showing a quaintly picturesque village square in the French countryside, brightly illuminated beneath blue skies in the afternoon sun. A small cluster of pretty shops and houses line the street on the left and a squat church hides behind trees to the rear of the square. Protagonist George Stobbart reclines in the bed of an ageing blue truck in the foreground to the left, while Nicole Collard sits on a chair against one of the houses nearby.
Image credit: Revolution Software

It's been 27 years since Revolution Software's Broken Sword series introduced the world to protagonists George Stobbart and Nicole Collard, but the adventurous twosome still aren't ready for retirement just yet; they're returning for a new adventure, Broken Sword - Parzival's Stone, and a remake of their first outing, Shadow of the Templars, coming early next year.

Parzival's Stone will be the sixth entry in the Broken Sword series - following on from Shadow of the Templars, The Smoking Mirror, The Sleeping Dragon, The Angel of Death, and 2013's The Serpent's Cruse - and will once again be helmed by series originator Charles Cecil.

It sees George and Nico getting caught up in terrifying conspiracy featuring Nazi treasure hunters, brutal mediaeval histories, and Quantum Physics, where ruthless technology entrepreneurs, corrupt government agencies, and billion-dollar global energy corporations are all battling for possession of a manuscript pointing to the secret location of the mythical thousand-year-old Grail, just perhaps not the one we're used to hearing about.

Bring on the "Broken Sword Renaissance"!Watch on YouTube

Parzival's Stone promises an "innovative, immersive" twist on the classic point-and-click forumla, with the whole thing being presented in a "super 2D" graphic style that applies hand-drawn backgrounds to 3D geometry for a more cinematic experience. You can get a promising glimpse of that - plus the new Shadow of the Templars: Reforged remaster - in the trailer above.

So far, Revolution isn't talking release dates for Parzival's Stone - only saying it'll be coming to PC, console, and mobile - but it'll be arriving sometime after the Reforged remake of the studio's original Broken Sword game, Shadow of the Templars.

First released in 1996 (and given a Director's Cut remaster in 2009), Shadow of the Templars starts in dramatic fashion as American tourist George Stobbart is caught up in a bombing on the streets of Paris in what proves to be a series of assassinations perpetrated by a man dressed as a clown. Eventually he joins forces with photo-journalist Nicole Collard, and the adventure gathers pace as a global conspiracy relating to the Knights Templar is unearthed.

It's a true classic of the point-and-click genre, deftly weaving historical fact and fiction into a thoroughly engrossing, occassionally thrilling whole, all served up with a low-key charm and relatively grounded tone that made for a wonderful counterpoint to the zanier adventures of the time. Revolution's new Reforged version promises to bring all that back with a broad range of upgrades, including "beautiful" re-drawn 4K backgrounds, re-animated sprites, enhanced audio, and refinements to "many other aspects of the original game".

"This is the start of what we're calling the 'Broken Sword Renaissance'," Cecil explains in a statement accompanying today's news. "With both Parzival's Stone and Shadow of the Templars: Reforged, we're making a big, bold, and broad offer both to those who have walked in the shoes of George & Nico before and hunger for a new adventure, and also just as crucially people who have never even heard of the franchise. As with all Broken Sword games, both titles exist as independent adventures with no prior knowledge required, though naturally for those invested in the world we've created, there’s a lot to tap into under the surface."

Revolution says more details on both games will be shared "in the months ahead".

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