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Brink sales: 69% Xbox 360, 23% PS3

UK Steam version still unavailable.

Brink has topped the UK all-formats chart this morning with a large majority of copies sold for Xbox 360.

More than two thirds of sales - 69 per cent - were for the Microsoft console. Only 23 per cent of Brink UK sales were for PS3.

The remaining eight per cent of sales were for PC.

The skewed result could be the result of PlayStation Network being offline in the weeks leading up to - as well as on - the day Brink was released.

UK PS3 online gaming returned Sunday afternoon.

Note that Gfk Chart-Track doesn't count digital PC sales. Nevertheless, the Steam version of Brink remains unavailable to this day.

Bethesda told Eurogamer this morning "we're looking into the matter".

Eurogamer scored Brink 8/10.

The first 15 minutes of Brink.

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