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Brink, Rage, Hunted release dates

Bethesda lines 2011 up.

Bethesda has dated three massive games: Brink, Hunted and Rage.

Brink, Splash Damage's gorgeous blend of single- and multiplayer, will be released in Europe on 20th May and in the US on 17th May.

Tom Bramwell last looked at Brink for Eurogamer: "Splash Damage has made popular games before - Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is in the top three most-played online PC shooters to this day, Wedgwood claims - but Brink looks well on course to be its best yet."

Hunted, inXile's co-operative and action packed fantasy dungeon crawler, will be released in Europe on 3rd June and in the US on 1st June.

Tom Bramwell was also the last person to look at Hunted - or Gears of Warcraft as he called it - for Eurogamer: "Hunted: The Demon's Forge is looking violent, deceptively thoughtful and witty. The world may not need another cover shooter, and may not realise it wants more dungeon crawlers, but it's hard to argue with what we're seeing. "

Rage, id Software's eye-popping post apocalyptic shooter, will be released in Europe on 16th September and in the US on 13th September.

Tom Bramwell was also the - wait was is this, a conspiracy? "For now though, as it pretty much always is with this storied developer, it is all about that graphics engine. Staring into the screen and struggling to pick out a single repeated detail, 60 times every second, is almost disorientating. If the kids don't know who id Software any more, they should do by this time next year. "

Bethesda will cap off a blockbuster year with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on 11th November, worldwide. And that, Tom Bramwell hasn't seen.