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Braid PS3 due out in US next week

European version "TBA shortly thereafter".

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Hothead Games' PS3 version of Braid will be released in the US on 12th November, the publisher has announced, "with a European version to be announced shortly thereafter" - presumably meaning we'll get it quite quickly.

We're expecting a straight port on this one, which is no bad thing given that the Xbox Live Arcade original was thoroughly lovely - a tinkling, painterly platform puzzle game that this week's press release sums up thus: "Explore the human condition and manipulate time." Quite so.

Braid's creator, Jonathan Blow, is currently working on a new game called The Witness, in which you shoot monsters in the face in a post-apocalyptic American city. No, wait, sorry, it's about an amorphous, consummate force called Tao and something to do with an uninhabited island.

Probably, anyway. See if you can figure it out.

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