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Braid for PS3 is a possibility - Blow

But no plans for WiiWare or sequel.

Braid might be released for PlayStation 3 in the future, but the PC version is developer Jonathan Blow's primary focus following the game's triumphant, 10/10-winning debut on Xbox Live Arcade.

"It's a limited exclusive, so if I were to try to make a PS3 or WiiWare version of the game, I would have to wait a little bit," Blow said on the Game Focus podcast.

"PlayStation 3 might happen in the future. What's going to definitely happen this year is a PC release. The only reason that's not out right now is that I wanted to focus on one platform at a time," he said, insisting that he wants to produce a "high quality" version for PC owners.

As for other formats, Blow ruled out the possibility of a WiiWare release. "WiiWare is not going to happen for this game because the model is just not right - like, Braid is too big of a game to be downloadable on WiiWare and stored on someone's Wii," he said.

"A lot of people think, oh, 3D is really complicated and is big, but 2D art - like all the bitmaps in Braid - takes a lot of space. The game is 144MB right now."

Elsewhere, Blow wrote on a Gamasutra comments thread that he has no plans to make Braid 2. "I'm not going to do a sequel to Braid - I don't care how many copies it sells," he wrote.

"I mean, maybe in five years when I'm motivated, if I have a really fresh idea for it. But I'm not waiting in the wings with a level pack, or DLC or anything."

Braid is out now on Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 Microsoft Points (GBP 10.20 / EUR 14.40). It's a time-shifting platform puzzler with some of the most ingenious level construction we can remember, and turns out to be rather poignant as well.

Check out our review to find out why we love it so. Have you got 60 puzzle pieces yet?