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Bossa details its aerial exploration game Worlds Adrift

New footage teases ship-based cannon combat.

Surgeon Simulator and I am Bread developer Bossa Studios has detailed its vision for its upcoming aerial multiplayer adventure Worlds Adrift.

You'll take to the skies as a merry band of pirates set on scavenging for resources, upgrading your vessel, fending off foul creatures and discovering what calamity transpired that left the world in floating ruins.

Like DayZ before it, Worlds Adrift won't task players with specific designer-driven goals. Instead players will form their own challenges as they explore every nook and cranny of this dynamic world.

"We hope Worlds Adrift will be a return of sorts to the roots of online multiplayer games," Bossa said in a recent blog post. "We want it to be a freeform exploration and adventure game where players create their own objectives, because we believe those are consistently the most rewarding and empowering goals to attain. We want the rules of the game world to be coherent and intuitive, and for players to be able to tell their own stories through their actions."

Environments will be procedurally-generated and persistent. All players on the same server will occupy the same world. "There are no quest hubs and no NPCs standing around forever, waiting to give you tasks. There are no low-level zones and high-level zones, because there will be no levels. There are no static, choreographed environments and events that replay for every new player," Bossa explained.

"Instead, there will be creatures that eat and live and die, and trees that grow, and ruins that hold secrets, and wreckage that rusts and rots, all inside a world that doesn't revolve around you, but that can be permanently affected by your actions. You are a part of the world, and it's up to you to decide which part that is, and how it relates to all the other parts."

As previously explained, Worlds Adrift will be entirely physics-based, so if part of your ship is destroyed it will affect the way it handles.

Bossa recently added some new prototype gameplay footage showing us a taste of the game's cannon-based combat.

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