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Blur and Tony Hawk heading to E3

Activision makes it official.

Activision has said that Bizarre Creations' new racing game, Blur, will be shown for the first time at E3.

It won't be Activision's only new game at the show either: the next instalment in the Tony Hawk series will also make an appearance.

That's according to Activision Publishing president Mike Griffith, who said as much in a post-earnings conference call.

Yesterday the publisher also confirmed that Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero and DJ Hero will be out this autumn, so we'd be surprised not to hear from them.

Griffith said that he expected Blur to "do for racing what Call of Duty did for shooters".

Judging by the mag previews, it's a mixture of globe-spanning, PGR-style racing and car combat with lashings of social networking and less apex-worshipping medal fascism.

As for Tony Hawk, the new game is supposedly called Adrenaline or similar, and may involve a skateboard peripheral.