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Bizarre's new racer Blur sighted

Flash cars with guns.

Bizarre Creations has whipped the wrappers off Blur, its brand new racing IP for Activision.

Blur, like Project Gotham, features flash cars roaring around exotic locations such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London (hold on) Tokyo and more, according to a preview in French magazine Joypad (spotted by IGN).

But there are also weapons: mines, shields and even some kind of electric attack. And that means Bizarre Creations has had to redevelop the collision detection to cope.

There's little else for now, although we're rummaging around to see what we can find.

Activision bought Bizarre Creations back in September 2007, a move that the developer said allowed renewed focus on games as all the boring company stuff would, in future, be taken care of by someone else.

Bizarre was to work on one racing and one character-based game for Activision. And with Microsoft owning the PGR series, SEGA retaining The Club and EA presiding over Boom Boom Rocket, that suggested the need to create new IP.

So far so good, it seems.