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Bizarre explains Activision deal

Can finally refocus on games.

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UK developer Bizarre Creations spoken out about its surprise acquisition by Activision from earlier in the week.

Speaking exclusively to, commercial director Sarah Chudley explained that Bizarre needed to be bought so it could focus itself back on making very good games.

"Our success is linked to why we were looking for a long-term partner," said Chudley.

"All we want to concentrate on is making great games, rather than the pressures of running a pretty large development studio, searching out deals, [and] spending months and months on legal and due diligence procedures that are the norm for signing up a game nowadays.

"We want to be doing what we love, in the way that we enjoy, without having to think about being big business people. It was a long and hard path coming to this decision, but we were driven by our desire to continue being able to deliver great games, and to enjoy doing it," she said.

Chudley said that Activision was the right partner because it has a hands-off approach to its internal studios, which include Tony Hawk's developer Neversoft, Call of Duty team Infinity Ward and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance studio Ravensoft.

"They are an extremely successful publisher who has a big passion for games, and who have great respect for all of our teams," offered Chudley.

"They have a hands-off approach to game development, meaning we're left to do what we're good at, and can ask for support from their strong development network should we need it. One of the most important reasons from our point of view is that Activision has an independent studio model, meaning that we can continue to be Bizarre," she said.

Although it's too early to be talking about future titles, Activision has said that Bizarre will be creating two new IPs due to arrive in 2009, as it seeks to establish a foothold in the lucrative racing market.

But Bizarre has more immediate plans such as next month's release of Project Gotham Racing 4, the Xbox 360 exclusive racer for long-time business partner Microsoft.

"PGR has been a big part of our development life, so of course we're very fond of it," added Chudley.

"We've got some great friends at Microsoft, and it's been a great partnership. But after four iterations, it's time to let someone else bring something new to the franchise. It's sad to move on, but great to tackle something new."

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