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Bloodborne gameplay footage from E3

What a Ripper.

A minute of Bloodborne gameplay footage has surfaced online, via NeoGAF, having been recorded off-screen from a demo at E3.

It's a brief glimpse but enough to highlight how Bloodborne's setting is different to From Software's Souls games. In Bloodborne the hero is a kind of stereotypical Jack the Ripper, in a long coat and kind of Robin Hood hat, stalking a gloomy Victorian Edinburgh - or something that looks a lot like it - slashing at enemies as murderous as he.

As you'll know from reading our Bloodborne preview, there's no shield-type weapon in Bloodborne, so the combat we see isn't as staccato as in Souls. Instead you dual-wield a cleaver-saw in one hand, and a shotgun in the other.

It's not immediately clear from the footage how deadly the enemies are; the hero takes two big hits but stays on his feet, which is perhaps a telling sign of some kind of god mode being active (it was during our preview).

Bloodborne is a PS4 exclusive.

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