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Blood Bowl 3's September early access launch delayed indefinitely

"Our primary concern is the quality of the game experience".

Developer Cyanide Studio has announced it's indefinitely delaying the early access PC launch of Blood Bowl 3 - the latest entry in the murderous, fantasy themed sports series - which was originally due to take place this September.

This, of course, isn't the first delay for the game; Blood Bowl 3 was initially due to launch for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC this August, but a June rethink saw Cyanide and publisher Nacon postpone its full release into February next year. However, that extended delay was to be sweetened somewhat by an early access PC launch this September.

Now though, the game's release has slipped once more, with Cyanide admitting its initial goal of a September early access launch "was a bit too optimistic" in a post to Twitter.

Cover image for YouTube videoBlood Bowl 3 | Campaign Trailer

"Our primary concern is the quality of the game experience we will deliver when the game releases," it wrote, "and we want to take enough time to achieve these quality goals. That's why we have to announce a delay of the early access on PC".

It's currently unclear how this indefinite early access delay will impact Blood Bowl's previously announced full launch on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and PC next February, but Cyanide says it will be sharing a new release window "in the coming weeks".

"Thank you for your patience, passion, and incredible support", the developer concluded.