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Blizzard cancels all Overwatch League events for March and April over coronavirus

But matches will be played online.

Blizzard has cancelled all Overwatch League events for March and April over coronavirus.

This cancellation relates to events only. Matches will be played in March and April, Activision Blizzard insisted.

Cancelled events include matches that were due to take place in London, Paris, San Francisco and Washington. London Spitfire took to Twitter to express its sadness at the announcement. The team was set to play at the SSE Arena Wembley in March.

Blizzard had already cancelled all games set to take place in China amid the outbreak. Activision Blizzard Esports, the subsidiary in charge of the company's esports effort, also runs a Call of Duty League that features a similar city-based structure to the Overwatch League. It said "Call of Duty League scheduling considerations are being addressed, as well, and we will share more updates as soon as possible".

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There's a growing list of video game event cancellations over coronavirus. Capcom has cancelled and postponed Capcom Pro Tour events, and Riot and EA have postponed events for League of Legends and FIFA respectively. A recent high-profile Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament was played without a live audience after a last-minute announcement.

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