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Blindfolded man conquers Super Mario World in 23 minutes

From the player who bested Item Abuse 3.

A real-life Daredevil bested Super Mario World while wearing a blindfold through the entire game.

It only took him 23 minutes and 14 seconds too.

Cover image for YouTube videoSuper Mario World Blindfolded in 23:14

The runner in question, PangaeaPanga, said in his YouTube notes that he only started practicing for this run last week on 16th June, and only began attempting the full game a mere three days ago. (Thanks, Kotaku.)

This successful run is by no means perfect, as he dies three times, but what can you expect without even looking at the screen?

PangaeaPanga is by no means a stranger to ridiculous Super Mario World challenges as he previously bested the famed Item Abuse 3, often considered the most challenging fan-made Mario level ever. In fact, PangaeaPanga actually created the level and it still took him three years to conquer it. Granted he used some tool assistance in the run, but it would be nigh on impossible without that.

Cover image for YouTube video

Contrary to what some might think of a man who spends much of his time tackling insane video game challenges, PangaeaPanga is also a Division 1 cross country, track & field athlete and has a hobby of tackling basketball trick shots.

PangaeaPanga isn't the only pro gamer to tackle video game challenges blindfolded, as Jack Wedge managed to do the same in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!