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Black Rock details Split/Second DLC

Liveries! Cars! New environment!

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Black Rock Studios will release four downloadable content packs, including a new environment, for its arcade racer Split/Second: Velocity.

The first three will be vehicle-orientated and are due "in the next couple of weeks", starting with new liveries for Elite vehicles.

After that we're told to expect a new "High Octane Supercar Pack". Check out the screenshot below for an example.

Those will presumably cost money, because the post announcing the DLC on Black Rock's Facebook page makes a point of noting that the third will be free. It's a special edition vehicle based on the Ryback Cyclone.

The three packs are all due for PS3 and Xbox 360, but there's no word on PC yet.

Finally, the Brighton-based developer plans to release a "major DLC pack featuring a new environment" for the game in September.

A sweet ride.

Split/Second: Velocity came out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in May and allows players to trigger explosions and track-changing demolitions to take down their opponents and make progress through the field.

We thought it was wicked fun, as you'll know if you read our 8/10 review.

Publisher Disney recently announced that racing port specialist Sumo Digital is bringing the game to PSP this autumn.

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