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BioShock PS3 survivor mode unveiled

Every fight to be "a life-or-death struggle".

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2K Marin has revealed new details of survivor, one of many additional pieces of content to arrive with BioShock PS3 this October.

"You're more vulnerable, enemies are tougher, every resource is more precious," says 2K Marin of the difference between survivor and hard difficulties, on the Cult of Rapture website.

"You won't be blazing through spaces. You won't be flush with resources. Every fight is a decisive, life-or-death struggle."

2K Marin knows some like of us like it hard, and that some like it really hard. But the studio also feels the Plasmid and Tonic abilities within BioShock become more interesting when they are forced into sparing and creative use.

In survivor mode, every enemy will resist as well as deal out more damage, and resurrecting in Vita-Chambers robs you of EVE, making death more inconvenient. BioShock PS3 will award a Trophy for finishing the game on Hard with Vita-Chambers turned off, incidentally.

Setting traps, mastering your environment, and using non-direct Plasmids such as Target Dummy and Enrage will help in survivor mode, hopefully leaving you with a slither of life and the feeling tactics and skill were triumphant rather than sheer force alone.

"From the first fight in the Welcome to Rapture level onward, I don't think anyone will have trouble distinguishing this from hard mode," concluded 2K Marin.

BioShock PS3 will also be treated to exclusive downloadable Challenge Rooms when the game launches this October, roughly a year later than the Xbox 360 and PC counterparts.

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