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BioShock iOS is out tonight for $15

UPDATE: UK price is £10.49.

UPDATE 28/8/14 8.10am: BioShock iOS (BiOShock?) is now available here in the UK, priced £10.49.

Got the cash to hand? You'll also need a compatible device - the game currently supports iPad 4, iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air, plus iPhone 5, 5S and 5C.

How does the price compare to other platforms? A fresh copy of the game costs £14.99 on the Xbox 360 Marketplace, £11.99 on the PlayStation Store or £13.99 on Steam, although you can pick up a second-hand copy in shops for around a fiver.

ORIGINAL STORY 27/8/14 10.33pm: The BioShock iOS port is making its way around the world right now with it already being available in New Zealand. It will only be a matter of hours before it arrives on UK shores.

Would you kindly lower your price?

There's one catch, though: It's bizarrely expensive. The New Zealand iTunes listing has it for $19, while Mashable is reporting that it will be $14.99 in the US. We're still waiting confirmation from 2K on its UK pricing, but it sounds like it'll be in the neighbourhood of £10.

That's quite a lot for a game that's seven years old (they grow up so fast).

But is it worth it? Our Tom Phillips went hands-on with the BioShock iPad port earlier this month where he found it worked relatively well, but was no substitute for a gamepad or mouse & keyboard setup.

"Finding yourself swamped by multiple enemies can be disorientating, and the need to stretch up to the health/EVE bars to tap and use a health kit or EVE hypo is fiddly," he said at the time. "Without a price it's difficult to weigh in on recommending the port - but fans who do feel like a return visit to Rapture can rest easy knowing the title reproduces the original as close as possible."

So.... maybe it'll go on sale sometime?

Was Andrew Ryan behind the iOS pricing? Perhaps it was that Fontaine fellow? Hmm....

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