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BioShock Challenge Rooms dated

Downloadable extras in a month's time.

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2K has announced that the fabled BioShock PS3 downloadable Challenge Rooms will be released worldwide on 20th November.

However, there's no word on how much they will cost to download or exactly what you will get for your money - or even if you'll be asked to pay at all.

2K has our mouths sewn shut over the Challenge Rooms content, although we can probably admit we've seen a couple of levels and played through one without bringing the full force of Take Two down upon us.

We'll be bringing you a full Challenge Rooms hands-on preview very soon, but in the meantime you can read our E3 BioShock Challenge Rooms preview for a bit of early detail and check out our BioShock PS3 review to see whether it's worth your while (it is).

And in the interests of rounding everything up, 2K has already said that the game will be patched to fix a couple of minor bugs in the meantime.

BioShock is out now on PS3.

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