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BioShock PS3 to get post-launch patch

2K addressing your concerns.

2K Marin is to address niggles in the PS3 version of BioShock with a new patch.

It'll be released sometime after the game launches on 24th October, according to the official forum.

An entire fix list will have to wait, but we're told the Big Daddy and Elite Bouncer texture issues have been fixed, as have the white or discoloured bars appearing during the opening plane crash sequence.

The blurring effect will not be addressed, however, as 2K Marin used this a way to optimise performance on the console.

Not that we noticed any difference during our PS3 review of BioShock, which you may have spotted on the site this morning.

The only real difference will come via the PS3-exclusive downloadable Challenge Rooms. We had a chance to go through these recently, and will be bringing you our thoughts soon.