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Report: Bethesda sues Warner Bros., claims Westworld game uses Fallout Shelter code


Bethesda is reportedly suing Warner Bros. over the Westworld mobile game, which it claims uses Fallout Shelter code.

According to TMZ, Bethesda is suing Warner Bros. and Behaviour Interactive, the developer of the game. In court documents, Bethesda reveal it contracted Behaviour in 2014 to work on Fallout Shelter before Behaviour went on to make the Westworld game for Warner.

Fallout Shelter is a building and people management sim with a cute art design where you play the vault overseer. You have to keep your vault dwellers alive, playing Cupid to get them to have babies, while all sorts of things go wrong in the vault and, when you can, send your people out into the wasteland to gather resources. It looks like this:

Westwork is a park management sim with a cute art design where you play as a new Delos employee and have to control the overworld from an underground bunker, creating AI hosts and matching guests with them in order to satisfy their every desire. It looks like this:

So, how does Bethesda know Westworld includes Fallout Shelter code, apart from the, ahem, surface level similarities? Because the same bugs that were in an early version of Fallout Shelter are also in Westworld. Oops!

Bethesda wants Westworld shut down and a cut of the profits. We've contacted both publishers for comment.

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