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Bethesda just teased the new Wolfenstein… probably

What is New Colossus?

Did Bethesda just tease the new Wolfenstein? Probably.

The following image popped up on-screen during Bethesda's E3 2106 media briefing:

Of note: the entry below 2015 Wolfenstein expansion The Old Blood. What is New Colossus? It doesn't have a release date when all the other game names do. Could it be a reference to the new Wolfenstein game we know to be in development at Machine Games? It looks like it.

The New Colossus is the poem BJ recites during the ending of Wolfenstein New Order. Yeah, this looks a lot like a Wolfenstein reference!

Bethesda also formally announced a number of new games at the conference, which you can catch up on with our E3 schedule guide.