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Become Pac-Man world champ

Win bragging rights and prizes.

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Microsoft, Namco Bandai and Quiznos have teamed together to bring us the first Pac-Man World Championship in history.

The winner will be crowned world champion by game creator Toru Iwatani, receive 26 years of free Quizinos toasted sandwiches, 100,000 Microsoft Points and a specially designed Pac-Man Xbox 360. A rather boisterous bounty.

The contest will be based on the Live Arcade version of the game and take place between 25th April and 9th May. Those with the highest scores from around the world will then be selected to go to the finals in New York on 5th June.

Two lucky devils will be selected from both Europe and America, joined by one each from Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Canada, Japan and Mexico.

An extra wildcard space will be offered to the winner of the Pac-Man FANatic competition, which lets American and Canadian gamers submit a video to show why they are the most devoted fan on the planet.

"The success of Pac-Man stems from its fun gameplay and host of characters that have been enjoyed by families for generations," said Toru Iwatani, creator of Pac-Man. "It will be exciting to see Pac-Man fans from around the world compete on Xbox Live Arcade to become the first-ever Pac-Man World Champion."

Pac-Man is a world renowned arcade game from the 1980s, which took up residency in all the best chip shops and pizza palaces around the world. And the others. You play as a head with a big mouth who has to gobble up dots while avoiding being caught by roaming ghosts.

The game is available now on Xbox Live Arcade for 400 points, but you should be aware that all leaderboard scores will be wiped clean when the contest begins.

Head over to the Live tournament site for a full list of rules and regulations.

Meanwhile you can gobble-up our review of Pac-Man Live Arcade elsewhere in our Eurogamer maze.

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