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Bayonetta 2's multiplayer mode detailed

Set the difficulty and gamble your currency against friends.

Bayonetta 2's online multiplayer mode, Tag Climax, has been detailed and it sounds lovely.

As reported by Siliconera, Tag Climax is a two-player mode separate from the campaign where you team up with a friend, stranger or AI companion to tackle waves of enemies and bosses.

Here's where it gets interesting: Players will be able to gamble their halos (in-game currency) against one another to see who can rack up a higher score. Like in the original Bayonetta, these rings can be used to purchase new techniques, weapons and passive ability-granting accessories.

Another neat feature is that stage difficulty can be adjusted. The harder the difficulty, the more halos they'll reward you upon completion.

Stages will be shown on "Verse Cards" that you lay down, though it's not clear how these are accumulated. Ostensibly you'll collect them throughout the campaign, but they could also be rewards for completing easier Tag Climax stages. Either way, it's probably best to tackle these once you've upgraded your gear a bit in the main campaign.

Bayonetta 2 is due exclusively on Wii U this October. It will include the original 2009 Bayonetta on the disc as well.

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