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Battletoads' infamous co-op glitch to be fixed in Rare Replay

Their controller will actually work in level 11.

Beat-em-up classic Battletoads was a great game for its day, but it shipped with one killer glitch: Upon getting to its 11th stage, the second player's controller would simply cease to function. As such, Player Two would lose all their lives (though they could drop back in upon their companion reaching the following level).

Now Rare is finally fixing that error in the Battletoads' re-release in the upcoming Rare Replay collection.

As reported by Polygon, Rare studio head Craig Duncan addressed the matter at a Comic-Con panel. "It's part of Battletoads legend. We have a way of fixing it, so it is something that's on our final bug list," he said.

Apparently this wasn't an easy decision for Duncan and the Rare team as the studio valued the preservation of its vintage games in their original form. "We wanted to maintain the authenticity of these games," he stated before confirming "yes, we're gonna fix it."

Rare Replay is coming to Xbox One on 4th August. It will contain 30 games and cost £19.99.

Here's the infamous 11th level of Battletoads in action to illustrate just how vital immediate controller input is in this situation:

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