Rare Replay

A ridiculously generous and thoughtfully presented compilation packed with bona fide classics and obscure gems.


Get Rare Replay and other digital goods free for using Microsoft's Mixer service this week

No Time to Explain, DLC for Minecraft and Halo Wars 2 also thrown in.

Digital FoundryDigital Foundry vs Rare Replay

The highs and the lows of Xbox One back-compat, the Grabbed by the Ghoulies 1080p60 remaster - and more.

Digital FoundryRare Replay's Nintendo 64 games run at 1080p

Digital Foundry analyses the Xbox One versions of Rare's classic N64 line-up.

Battletoads' infamous co-op glitch to be fixed in Rare Replay

Their controller will actually work in level 11.

Microsoft readying an Xbox One Rare collection

UPDATE: Confirmed. Rare Replay to celebrate studio's 30th birthday.