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Battlestations sequel planned

Interim results spill beans.

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Eidos' parent company SCi has revealed that work on a new Battlestations: Midway game is underway.

"After the period end, in February 2007, we released Battlestations Midway on PC and Xbox 360. This product immediately entered the UK charts at No1 in both the Xbox 360 and All Formats charts," a bit of their latest statement reads. "We are continuing to build this franchise and have a sequel in development."

Unfortunately Eidos was unable to clarify any further details to Eurogamer this morning, but we expect it will be available on PC, Xbox 360 and possibly PS3 and maybe even Gizmondo sometime in 2008. Or 2009, 2010 or 2011.

The results also solidified previous news that a new Just Cause game was on its way, taking Eidos' full-priced financial 2007 offerings up to 11 over last year's nine [Exciting - Ed]. It also revealed 10 new casual games for the upcoming fiscal year, and 4 digitally-distributed outings - following its recent deal with Steam.

Battlestations: Midway was released earlier this year on Xbox 360 and PC. It gives you the chance to turn the tides of history at the ominous Pacific battle of Midway during World War II, controlling aircraft, battleships and submarines.

We found it unique and rewarding, if somewhat hard to get to grips with. You can read our full Battlestations: Midway review elsewhere on Eurogamer.

Or, you could follow our digital biscuit trail to read the full interim results for Sci.

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